This is the Sex Machine I designed and built for my site. My members have been reading in my diary for the last few weeks all about the research and design process I went through (and debating in the members forum whether I was a bigger geek, hoochy or freak:-). And yes, for you skeptics who aren't used to seeing this sort of thing I do have lots of videos of me working in the shop- I'm the real deal and I'm not afraid to prove it:-) If you register now you can see for yourself!



I have a really shallow cookie so I didn't make the thrust on the Sex Machine too deep, just a nice four inch stroke or so.



It has a flexible shaft so it will follow my movements and I don't have to worry about aligning the thing. I can just set it on the floor and be fucked in almost any position!



It really gave my tushy a workout, I'm not used to having something in my ass that can fuck me for an hour and not cum LOL



That's me, working away on the sex machine. The first picture is the motor mount I made out of MDF, the second is me using a force gauge to decide what kind of glue to use for the enclosure.


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You are going to need QuickTime 6 in order to view the sample:, Arguably the most Unusual Amateur site on the Net
(Okay, lets be honest- the girl's just weird:-)

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