Poor me! Restrained with all that scary bondage gear. Well before you get too sympathetic keep in mind that the bondage gear was designed and built by me- Kiko Wu! That's right, the spreader bars seen in this series are one of the many things that I made for use on my site KikoWu.com.
How many girls do you know that not only like to be tied up but make their own bondage gear? Yeah, I know I'm weird- my members tell me all the time LOL

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I have some of the kinkiest toys you can get and what I can't get I make myself. That and the fact I'll shoot almost ANYTHING is what makes my bondage and fetish pictures the most hardcore and kinky of any Asian model around!

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Build Your Own Kiko Style Spreader-Bar!

Want to make your own bondage gear? Could care less, just want to see my tits jiggle while I use a hacksaw? You're in luck either way! In the how-to part of this update, I detail in over 80 photographs and several pages of text how to make your own portable, adjustable and modular spreader bar system for under $20. It's the kind of typical off-the-wall fun update that my members are used to getting several times a month along with the usual healthy helping of hardcore. I can guarantee you that the things you see me do on KikoWu.com you will NEVER see on any other porn site. It's original, it's fun, and it's one of the few adult sites that really gives you great value for your dollar- over 15,000 pictures and videos of me- no stock filler, with hundreds of new images every month. There's even a free video offer when you sign-up. Plus you can talk with me in the forum and read my daily diary- all for only $14.95!!!

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