Kiko's Science Project


The BJmatic Oral Trainer for Ladies

Blowjobs are fun, probably one of my favorite activities. It's a total power trip, you can keep a guy totally within your power with just a little licking and slurping. Beg, plead and squirm, he'll do ANYTHING rather then risk a girl stopping. And what could be more fun then that? I've always had very good technique,licking along the length of the shaft or tickling the underside of the head with my tongue. Good hollow cheeked suction and ball handing skills. Since I'm enthusiastic and enjoy it a great deal that makes it much better for a guy I think. The only thing I was never able to do was deep throat. I don't choke or anything but it just never seemed to fit back there. I consider giving a good BJ a point of personal pride. After all, I can't really expect a guy to do a good job of licking me if I can't even suck him properly. So I decided some practice was in order. Taking advantage of a pretty good education in the sciences I built a device to make that practice much more enjoyable and offered encouragement while I worked to perfect my oral abilities. I built the BJmatic. It basically works like this. I slide the dildo all the way down my throat until my nose presses a switch on the wooden board. This turns a vibrator on for 8 seconds. After 8 seconds it turns off. There has to be a delay because I need time to pull out a little and breath. Since the vibrator is being held against my clit, that offers a powerful incentive to keep in a steady rhythm and to keep depressing the switch with by nose. Once I can keep the vibrator from turning off during the 5 to 10 minutes it takes for me to come I then move the dildo out so it has to slide father down my throat in order for my nose to hit the switch. I've been practicing a lot so I think when the time comes the lucky guy is going to be pretty happy:-)

bjmatic_001.jpg bjmatic_003.jpg bjmatic_004.jpg bjmatic_005.jpg
bjmatic_013.jpg bjmatic_006.jpg bjmatic_007.jpg bjmatic_008.jpg
bjmatic_009.jpg bjmatic_010.jpg bjmatic_011.jpg bjmatic_012.jpg

(Okay so my face looks a little funny while I'm sucking but I've never heard any complaints so I'm not going to worry about it)

Want to learn more about how the BJmatic works and how it was made? Want to learn how to make your own and see videos of it in action? Want to see more pics of the VERY strange girl who designed and built the fool thing?

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(There's also a free video tape in it for you if you decide to join)